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Mark Visser Paddle In Surfing At Jaws

Big swells were developing through the Northern Hemisphere last week. Nazaré in Portugal saw some huge activity in the water and possibly one of the biggest waves ever ridden. The North Pacific Ocean also saw a lot of action in Hawaii. The Waimea Big Wave Eddie Competition welcomed many surfers for the opening ceremony, which was celebrated on Oahu. This event is still on standby until February 2015 but saw a lot of big wave surfer’s head to Maui to take advantage of the huge paddle-in swell that was seen at Jaws on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th December.

Mark Visser flew to Hawaii for a product testing and development exercise with his sponsor Komunity Project. We asked Mark a few questions about this trip.

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The Ultimate Waterman, Mark Visser

World’s best watermen to descend on New Zealand for ultimate multi-disciplined surfing event.

The world’s ultimate watermen will be put to the test in the toughest all-round water conditions that can be thrown at them around New Zealand over eight consecutive days.
The Ultimate Waterman is a new and unique international surfing event that will be hosted in Auckland, New Zealand but will venture to where the best conditions are on offer – whether that is huge waves for tow-in-surfing at the bottom of the South Island or calmer conditions at Takapuna for stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

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Mark Visser, Patagonia, Inflatable Vest, Cow Bombie, Big Wave, Breath Hold

The safety of surfing technology has been taken to a new level! Patagonia has modernized an inflatable vest and it's a big step in the right direction especially for paddle surfing. Safety in any sport should be a priority. You don’t see a F1 driver without a fireproof suit, a half pipe skater without a helmet or a rock climber without a harness. When you paddle into big waves you want to have full range movement and that’s hard to achieve if you're wearing a bulky buoyancy vest… and so, a inflatable vest prototype was born.

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Cow Bombie, Big waves, Mark Visser, Paddle in

Coastal Watch forecaster Ben McCartney made an early prediction of large waves and light winds heading for Western Australia on Saturday 13th September.

The big wave, known as Cow Bombie off Gracetown is located 2km out to sea and is fully exposed to the elements. The condition and forecast looked ideal for paddle surfing. Visser’s TV Series is currently on hold for the final project, so there was no better way to enjoy a break from production with a decent sized swell!

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Mark Visser, Kelly Slater, Tail Pad

Mark's been having a great time testing out the quality of surf accessories from Komunity Project and their standard is beyond compare. These products are designed by surfers (including 11x World Champion, Kelly Slater) with innovative details that make these products really stand out.

For example, the Komunity leg-rope has a new invention called ‘the worm’ which is a simple hard plastic device that helps thread the leg-rope through the plug on the board. Every surfer knows this can be a time consuming process and this simple device is magic.

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