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Mark Visser at Cow Bombie

It was talked about on almost every surf website and the expectation of this West Australian swell was as big as it’s forecast. The storm was unbelievably large and had been tracking a long distance before pushing towards South Australia and continued up to Indonesia.

According to the Department of Transport buoy off Cape Naturaliste, the swell reached more than five metres with a very high 16-second swell period in the state's South-West. The swell was created by a strong low-pressure system 2,000 kilometres South-West of WA, which had been forming over the course of the week.

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Big wave surfing swell chart, BOM, huge storm, Hawaii

This second biggest swell of the session hit Northern coastlines of Hawaii with a powerful punch on the 21st of January 2015.

Maui North Shore had the swell arriving a little later in the afternoon on Wednesday but as the evening went on some serious sets came in.

Mark Visser, returned home safely after surfing the swell at Hawaii’s infamous “Jaws’’ break. Mark said the most confronting part was sitting and waiting as the monstrous waves reared before his eyes.

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Mark Visser holding the prize for biggest paddle-in wave

In a gala evening, attended by a star-studded celebratory audience and the who’s who of the surf industry, four Australian men have been crowned the champions of Big Wave Surfing in Australian waters for 2015.

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Mark Visser big wave paddle in at Jaws Peahi

Big swells were developing through the Northern Hemisphere last week. Nazaré in Portugal saw some huge activity in the water and possibly one of the biggest waves ever ridden. The North Pacific Ocean also saw a lot of action in Hawaii. The Waimea Big Wave Eddie Competition welcomed many surfers for the opening ceremony, which was celebrated on Oahu. This event is still on standby until February 2015 but saw a lot of big wave surfer’s head to Maui to take advantage of the huge paddle-in swell that was seen at Jaws on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th December.

Mark Visser flew to Hawaii for a product testing and development exercise with his sponsor Komunity Project. We asked Mark a few questions about this trip.

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The Ultimate Waterman, Mark Visser

World’s best watermen to descend on New Zealand for ultimate multi-disciplined surfing event.

The world’s ultimate watermen will be put to the test in the toughest all-round water conditions that can be thrown at them around New Zealand over eight consecutive days.
The Ultimate Waterman is a new and unique international surfing event that will be hosted in Auckland, New Zealand but will venture to where the best conditions are on offer – whether that is huge waves for tow-in-surfing at the bottom of the South Island or calmer conditions at Takapuna for stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

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